Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA)

what an opportunity to serve in Southeast.  Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA), located in Historic Anacostia, allowed me the space to give back to the very community that i came from.  
TMA is a college preparatory charter high school committed to preparing students for success at the college level, and in our society.

YOGA is actually offered at TMA!  CLEARLY, times have changed.  yo, there was no yo-ga, or even charter schools (for that matter) in my hood when i was growing up.  all the more reason why i jumped at this opportunity.  for me, to "Give Back" is a given, but to "Be With" is what matters most.  i've had a lot of fun Being With the students at TMA - and i believe that they've had fun, too... hopefully.  in this experience, i've found that the key difference between teaching at Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, SE, & at Potomac Street, NW, is Geography.

i wanna take this moment to thank Ellen Ioanes, a dear friend & former colleague who thought that i would be the best fit to share my (yoga) experience <3  i would also like to thank Michelle Thompson, the Athletic Director at TMA, for all of her support, and for being a good sport (so to speak) when class ends a little late :)  finally, i would like to thank the A & B DAY students for Showin' Up, Being A YES, and taking full advantage of Savasana ;)

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