Monday, March 26, 2012

so PHAT, so COOL

just thought you'd like 2 kno that these are my two current faves...

PHATness, w/coconut milk, avocado, banana, raw whole cashews, raw blue agave, & ginger <3

you can make it w/ice or without... i tend 2 pop of couple of cubes in the blend to create that smooovie effect, dig?  yup, i said it; "smooovie" effect, cuz it's just so freakin SMOOOOVE!

Cool-cumber, w/cucumber, mint, lemon (or lime), green apple, ginger <3

i like lemon over lime because i feel that it creates a better contrast.  i also prefer green apples because they are not too sweet.  for this juice, you want less emphasis on sweet, & more on COOL, dig?


  1. Where do you get these cool containers for your juice? Also, what kind of juicer do you recommend? My Black and Decker one just died. :(

  2. Rachel -

    peace. these particular jars come from Puree Artisan Juice Bar in Bethesda, Maryland. pre-made juices come in the jars, but i also found my own jars as i was thinking of selling juices at a market (see my other post; Glass Half (FULL) Filled).

    regarding juicers, i actually have a compact Cuisinart blender (i don't mind the pulp). if you're interested in a "juicer" check out the Omega brand. many people go for Brevilles, but they're cool if you're doing more fruit than veggie juicing. it's also good to know that Brevilles do not have the best warranties.

    depending on how much you wanna spend, i'd recommend Omegas for juicing, and the Vitamix for blending, etc. (both have good warranties, fyi).